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Post  cguy on Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:59 pm

I am 35 yo guy from kolkata,india. I got jobless as i left my earlier pharma sales job as i was not liking it for various reasons mainly for trouble with the management regarding sales targets.I am BSc(PCM). I was from my college days interested in mechanics & I scored well too in 10th.Unfortunately then I couldn't crack JEE in WB due few seats & few colleges in WB at that time(1995).Now suddenly i feel the urge to do civil engg.
I am going a little personal- I am still single unmarried & al lmy peers are well established.I feel bad & a sense of urgency always haunts my mind.I cant concentrate due to all these immense pressure of age,chances getting a job becoming scarcer.
But still if i want to do civil engineering & i do it from "Institute of Civil Engineers ,India" ( will it give me any benefit?Can i get a job after doing diploma at that age of 37?
Plz tell me
Thanks in advance


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